Fernangeles Elementary

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are a starting point for transforming the way we practice the art of teaching and for building stronger conversations among parents, teachers, grade levels/departments, schools, districts, and states. There will be a consistent expectation throughout the country of what our students will need to know and be able to do at each grade level and course of study. The standards will provide a consistent set of expectations for all learners. The Common Core State Standards are a set of core understandings we want our students to have in order to be prepared for college and their careers ahead. Therefore, the Los Angeles Unified School District will focus on developing a shared foundational understanding of the Common Core State Standards. The goal is to develop a working knowledge of the new standards and their effects on teaching and learning for all stakeholders.  


Visit this LAUSD website to learn more about the Common Core State Standards: http://ccss.lausd.net


The LAUSD Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and School Support has designed a webpage available through the link above as a platform to provide useful tools to promote conversations and collaboration around the Common Core State Standards, and how to use them to guide decisions about rigorous teaching, learning, and assessment.